Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is PunchLab?

Punchlab is a mobile App that detects, measures, and reacts to the strikes you throw at the punching bag.

The App does not need any additional device, other than your smartphone. Just mount the phone on the punching bag using a phone-holding belt and get real-time feedback on your workout.

Which kinds of punching bags are supported?

The app works with virtually any kind of punching bag, but the belt has been designed for cylindrical hanging and standing bags with a diameter ranging between 60 and 120 cm. These are the most common models you can find in the stores or in the gym.

How do I put the phone on the bag?

Very easy. It is full of running belts out there that work just as fine with PunchLab. You just wrap them around the bag instead of around your waist and that will do the trick. On this page, we selected for you a couple of popular websites that sell them.

Where can I buy the belt?

Amazon sells many belts that are compatible with PunchLab. We selected some links depending on your region: Get a belt

Currently, we are not selling our own belt but we are working with our partners to include the PunchLab belt on their stores. Stay tuned!

Can I use the app without the belt?

Not really. You can try the App out in your hand but that’s not the intended purpose. We highly suggest you to get a belt from one of the links we found to get the full PunchLab experience.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at if you have any trouble finding the right belt for you.

What is a day pass?

We want to give everybody a way to test PunchLab before deciding whether to subscribe or not. That’s why we included 5 day passes in the App. You can use a day pass to train with PunchLab for free. A pass can be used any time and lasts until the midnight.

Make sure to have a way to secure the phone on the bag before start using too many day passes.

Does PunchLab works with kicks as well?

Kicks, knees, elbows: punchLab records and analyzes any strike you throw at it.

Does PunchLab count the number of punches reliably?

It does. If you are experiencing problems in the accuracy of the punch detection file a bug report and we will see what we can do.

Some bags oscillate excessively when hit and the App might mistake the oscillations for punches. In that case, an easy solution is to mount the belt a bit lower: the closest the phone is to the center of the bag the better the App will be at counting your strikes.

Is the App able to distinguish between strikes?

Not yet. We believe there are more important features we should focus on at the moment. To push this feature, and any other you have in mind, we got a great tool for you: request feature.

Do I need to look at the screen all the time?

No, you can just start the App and train your own routine without looking at the phone. Everything you do will still be recorded and you can see it in-between rounds or after the training.

What can I do if the bag spins too much?

It is surprisingly easy to stop the bag from excessive spinning, it’s just that you never had a reason to learn how to do it before now.

Some quick tricks:

Hit the bag at its center. This will largely reduce the amount of spinning.

Punch the bag back to its original position. A quick way to stop a spinning bag is to throw a couple of adjustment hooks in the opposite direction.

Lastly but very important: use your legs. Footwork is the most underrated aspect of martial arts, especially when people work at the bag.  Turn around with the bag, be in constant movement to keep the phone always in front of you.

Are sounds an essential feature?

The best experience is with sounds on, but they are not necessary to use the App. You can disable sound at anytime, or use bluetooth earphones to get the best out of the App.

What if I break the phone with a punch?

During extended testing of PunchLab, it never happened. Just mount the phone on a height you are not likely to hit, usually slightly above your head level.


How do I ask for a new feature?

Easy! We have a special section dedicated to user-submitted bugs and ideas. you can find it at this link, on the top menu of this website, or directly in the App in info/feedback.

Have fun!

Can I use PunchLab to monitor my athletes?

Sure. We already implemented simple sharing of the results. Do you have any special metric you want to track? Write us at

Do you offer special deals to gyms?

Yes, we do have special plans for gyms and resellers of PunchLab. Write an email to and we will send you all the details.