Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is PunchLab?

Punchlab is a technology that will turn your punching bag into a device able to detect, measure, and react to your strikes.

Without any additional device, other than your smartphone.

PunchLab is an app, powered by sophisticated data analysis algorithms. It uses the existing technology in your phone to give you real-time feedback on your bag workout.

PunchLab is also a club of fighters that don’t settle with traditions. They CREATE them. Fill this form to receive a free pass for the PunchLab club. 

And this is just the beginning: we are constantly working together with the best gyms in the world to create pre-programmed routines that interact with your strikes. PunchLab puts the best striking trainers in the world, directly on your punching bag.

What do I need to start using PunchLab?

Once you get your pass, we help you find a belt to safely secure the smartphone on the bag, and a send code to unlock all the features of the app.

You just need access to a bag, at home or at the gym.  

That’s it, no additional devices are needed to get the best punching experience.

How do I put the phone on the bag?

Very easy. It is full of running belts out there that work just as fine with PunchLab. You just wrap them around the bag instead of around your waist and that will do the trick. On this page, we selected for you a couple of popular websites that sell them.

How does it work?

PunchLab, like all the greatest technological revolutions of recent times, it is software based. We don’t need any special hardware to give you what you need. Our app uses the existing technology embedded in any smartphone to detect force, intensity and number of strikes thrown to the bag. Our adaptive algorithms learn from your strikes and will become better and better the more you use the app. 

How much does it cost?

For now, it costs nothing.       

PunchLab is an invite-only club. We are not looking for money, we are looking for people that want to work with us to build the best tech for combat sports.

Why is PunchLab invite-only?

Because it is still experimental.

We want to follow closely anyone that receives PunchLab and gather as much data as possible. 

Things might change anytime, to be notified on when PunchLab is on sale follow us on instagram.

Can I use the app without the belt?

No. We will soon add some features you can use while you wait for your belt. Like a shadow boxing version and as a boxing timer.

What do I need to get a pass?

We are looking for people that are willing to test how far we can push the boundaries of punching bag training. Anyone can apply. We will gradually add more and more people with time. 

You chances to get in have nothing to do with the amount of followers you have, or how many wins you have under your belt. You have access to a bag? fill this form, we are looking for people like you.

How can I train with PunchLab?

While building PunchLab we tried to cover the most important types of bag training. Together with professional athletes and coaches we designed four essential training modes:

With Freestyle training you can do your own routine and use the app as timer, and to see statistics during and after the training.

Workouts are specifically designed for you to work on cardio and fitness. Each training has a set of pre-programmed intensity profiles that you have to follow to achieve the highest score. In this way you are motivated to push harder, even when you feel you’d like to give up!

Tired of throwing always the same strikes? Combination trainings is a great alternative to pads training. When you don’t have anyone to hold pads for you, PunchLab will show you combinations of strikes and it will analyze the force and timing of your strikes.

We learned about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on the field, talking with professional and olympic boxers. Short bursts of high activity are the best way to increase your power and explosivity, which are skills that turn a jab into a KO punch.

Do I need to look at the screen all the time?

No, the Freestyle training mode is meant for people that want to train their own routine and look at the phone once in a while, or between rounds.

The app will still show your activity and give you acoustic feedback, but you are free to train at your own pace.

Everything you do will still be recorded and you can see it later!

How can I reduce the movement of the bag?

Like many things, bags move when you hit them, and it might be hard at the beginning to focus on the phone.

Keep always in mind that:

It will get better with time, you will learn to keep your eyes at the phone and increase your focus while you punch. Just like in a fight.

Use only bags suited for your punching power. You might just be hitting the bag too hard! Find a heavier bag, or reduce the force of your punches by working on speed and volume. And remember: punch the bag, don’t push it!

Try to mount the bag in a way that you hit it right at its center. Both horizontally, but more important: vertically. This is the best way to reduce the spinning and swinging of the bag.

Punch the bag back to its original position. You will learn to control the bag and react quickly to the its movements. Does it sound like something useful in a real fight?

Lastly but very important: use your legs. Footwork is the most underrated aspect of martial arts, especially when people work at the bag. PunchLab does not allow you to be lazy.  Turn around with the bag, be in constant movement to keep the phone always in front of you.

Can I build my own routines?

We are evaluating the possibility of giving you the tools to create your own trainings, share them with other fighters, or even sell them! Let us know how much you want it and why at

Are sounds an essential feature?

The best experience is with sounds on, but they are not necessary to use the App. You can disable sound at anytime, or use bluetooth earphones to get the best out of the App.

What if I break the phone with a punch?

During extended testing of PunchLab, it never happened. Just mount the phone on a height you are not likely to hit, usually slightly above your head level.


Which kinds of punching bags are supported?

The app works with virtually any kind of punching bag. But the belt has been designed for cylindrical hanging and standing bags with a diameter ranging between 60 and 120 cm. These are the most common models you can find on online stores or fighting and fitness gyms.

Be sure to mount the bag correctly, use a chain of the correct length, and a bag which is sufficiently heavy.

Does PunchLab works with kicks as well?

Sure, PunchLab records and analszes any strike you throw at it.

Is the App able to distinguish between strikes?

Not yet. We believe there are more important features we should focus on at the moment. To push this feature, and any other you have in mind, we got a great tool for you: request feature.

Does PunchLab count the number of punches reliably?

It does. But there are still some factors that affect the reliability of the punch detector. If you experience problems try to:

  • Use a heavier bag. If you are using a bag which is too light for your punches, the excessive swinging of the bag can add few punches more to the final count.

  • Avoid very long ropes holding the bag. These create a resonance effect that might affect the punch detection.

  • Hit close to the center of the bag. This is also how it should be done to avoid injuries, and it will reduce the swinging and spinning of the bag.

Keep in mind that the more you train, the better our algorithms will become in detecting your punches.


How can I become a PunchLab trainer?

We are looking for people that want to help us build new trainings. Write us an email at

How can I setup PunchLab in my own gym?

Now we are talking! With PunchLab you can turn every bag you have in your gym into a cutting edge performance lab. Sounds good? We are very interested in teaming up with gyms. Fill this form and we will get back to you very quickly.

Can I use PunchLab to monitor my athletes?

Sure. We already implemented simple sharing of the results. Do you have any special metric you want to track? Write us at

How does the future of PunchLab look?

Bright! We are already working with the best gyms and fighters out there. The feedback we are receiving is helping us to improve the app every day more. We are already changing the face of combat sports. And that’s still the beginning for Punchlab.