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The PunchLab Strap turns your punching bag workouts into a fully interactive experience. Ready to see your real-time data, set goals, and track your progress? This is where the magic happens. Put your phone in the strap, attach it to the bag. Its go time!

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How to use the strap

Download Punchlab App

Put the phone in the strap

Attach the strap to the punching bag

Unleash special features

track your real time progress

You’ll see your workout stats on screen, in real-time, including power, speed, hits, and calorie estimates.

participate to group classes

Want company for your workout? Join us for our group classes, or take on a fun challenge to see your name on the leaderboard.

unleash a new world of workouts

The Strap transforms your bag into an addictive source of exciting workouts with smart digital tracking.

history of your trainings

Go on your profile and take a look at your full workout history. Displays your workouts data and ride all statistics.

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Answers about the strap

What dimensions should my phone be to fit inside Punchlab strap?

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The Punchlab strap allows you to use a phone from 4 to 7 inches.

Is the Punchlab strap compatible with all punching bags?

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Punchlab strap is compatible with all standing bags and hanging bags. It is not compatible with drop-shade bags and b.o.b.

Is there a fast shipping method?

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Express delivery in 2 business days is available in the USA and in UK. Europe, UK and USA have a standard FREE delivery in 4-10 business days. Rest of the world have a standard FREE delivery up to 2 weeks.

How does PunchLab track punches?

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PunchLab uses the sensors already present in your smartphone. You don’t need any external hardware or Bluetooth sensors. All you need is the strap to secure your phone onto the bag. That’s it. Our algorithm does the rest.