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Boxing workouts you can do at home

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Burn calories? Improve technique? Start anywhere. Reach your goal.

We offer different types of workouts for different goals. You can focus on boxing technique, cardio fitness, or mix them up! Explore the collections and find your new favorite workouts.

With the bag or without the bag, that is the question

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You can do all the exercises by throwing punches at the air. Shadowboxing is used by beginners and pro boxers to burn calories, build muscle mass, and improve technique without any equipment.

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Punching Bag

Or you can use a Punching bag. It’s great for explosive power, stress relief, and getting an amazing workout hitting a real target.

Our workouts, your setup.

All you need is your smartphone. If you want a bigger screen, you can cast the workout on any smart TV. If you don’t want to look at a screen at all, just follow the coach's voice. It’s your call.

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Punching bag with super powers

PunchLab was created to answer a question: can I track punches while training at the bag?

After months of research, we discovered the answer is yes!

The secret is the PunchLab Strap. It turns your bag into an interactive device by securing your smartphone to the bag.

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A screen on the bag to follow the workout


Tracking and measuring hits in real-time, with no extra hardware

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We know what you’re thinking.

What happens if I punch the smartphone?

It won’t happen - the strap is placed above your head, and it’s impossible to hit it by mistake.

How can I look at the screen if the bag spins?

You don’t have to look at the screen during the activity. Each exercise has a few seconds of "preview time" where you watch the video and listen to the coach's explanation.

Up for some competition? Try our group classes.

Once you’ve got a bag and the PunchLab strap, you can join our fun group classes. See yourself on the leaderboard as you compete with friends from around the world. Focus on the output, throw as many punches as you can, and see your name on the list!

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Meet the trainers


Hey y’all! I’m Bobbie Jo. I was born in Memphis, TN, and now thrive in NYC. I first walked into a Muay Thai and Kickboxing gym in 2018. I wanted more than a gym - I wanted to test my limits. I quickly fell in love with boxing. Fitness is about finding a challenge that feels good, and boxing makes me feel strong. My superpower is helping you bring out your inner warrior. My workouts range from high tempo to slow burn. They’re motivating, technical, and fun. Bring that energy. See you on the app!

Constantly creating the best boxing app

Every couple of weeks, we release a new version of the app. Our roadmap is set by you. Send us your suggestions, and we’ll work on it. Promise.

Join our half-million-member community

Love this app!


Im new to boxing and it has given me so much confidence. I dont ever plan on getting in the ring, so im not worried if my form isnt perfect, but it definitely helps me close!

Cody Jefferies

Love it!


Good app for a beginner at boxing. Love how the strap keeps count of my punches.


I honestly love this app


It has very quickly becomes my most recommended app to almost anyone I know haha... I feel like the free version is more than suitable if you're just looking to casually break a sweat. But I'm having a lot of fun with the premium version and think it's totally worth it if you'll stick to it. My only recommendation is more footwork drills would be nice for learning the fundamentals through more advanced footwork drills!

Greg P

Would give this app 10 stars.


I'm a retired professional MMA fighter and have been out of the gym for over 3 years. I recently decided to get back to working out again and thought I'd give PunchLab a try. I chose the Advanced 45 minute More than Boxing class right off of the couch and it almost killed me. LOVE the app. The belt for the bag utilizes your phone to keep a punch count and measure power. This is the first and only time I've enjoyed a solo workout outside of the gym.

Edwin Louis

PunchLab keeps me motivated


My old workout was getting boring and I needed to switch it up. PunchLab was exactly what I was looking for.

Grant Dillow

Surprisingly fun. Newbie here


It’s fun. I could’ve used a few pro tips before my first go, such as have a drink WITH a straw handy :) Also tapping into a Bluetooth speaker is handy for louder volume.


New Beginnings


I took boxing as a child, and now at the age of 43 I decided to give PunchLab a try. Starting over from the beginning stages is awesome. The crisp instructions mixed with the right tempo is not only get it. A great workout but it’s also perfecting my technique which is movement with double purpose.


Kickboxing is excellent


I normally go to the gym for kickboxing classes but I was unable to go for a while and I came across PunchLab on Instagram and I thought I’d try it. They have a variety of classes and a visual on how to perform the combos which is great and bonus ~ the trainer motivating you through the whole class. I don’t have a bag at home but nonetheless you do work up a sweat and the trainers are awesome! I guarantee you’ll love it as much as I do! Give a try!


Really a great app


This is just such a cool idea if you’re interest in combat sports for exercise. Obviously you’re not gonna become Rocky by doing these workouts but it’s a really fun way to get a sweat going. There’s instructional videos, short workout videos, and long workout videos tailored to all types of people. Really cool idea and executed really well too. Keep it up guys!


This app is the best


This app is so good I use it every day and I feel like I’m having fun it’s really funny is I advise you using it just letting you know Coach ox is my favorite


First app session and I’m sold!!


Great for mental clarity and keeping your mind and body alert while getting a great workout in the process. FYI I hate being a hamster on cardio machines and this is a great cardio replacement!!

Moi Jimenez

Amazing amazing amazing


Love love this app! I started using it a month ago and I love it. I stopped boxing classes because they started to get so expensive. So I thought I should get a punching bag- I saw this app, immediately got the subscription. Best workouts ever and I am learning way more than I did in my classes.


Nice workout


Was waiting on the belt. Using it to track punches definitely changes the experience! Makes you go hard the entire time. Looking forward to joining live classes in the next couple of weeks.




This app lets me get some work in on days I don’t make it to the gym. It lets me work on repetition and getting drills down.

Devon bot

Best App I’ve Seen


I have been working on kickboxing for a year or so and started getting serious about 3 month ago, gyms that teach you very little charge almost 100$ a weak. But this app really finds you some free lessons that help based on questions they ask you! Hope it doesn’t change and keep adding classes. Best app I own!


Not bad


I’m a boxing coach and I believe the app is very clear and easy to follow and the workout does itself….


Love PunchLab!!


This app is the absolute best. For less than the cost of a month of gym fees, you get an entire year. It motivates me to hit the bag four times a week. The instructors are great at keeping you motivated as well as giving you advice throughout rounds. I’m sold and will buy my subscription each year! Thanks for all the fun! I love it.


I love this app


I’m an early 40s male who hasnt done much combat training in a while. Came across this ap just to get in a little better shape, and I’ve fell in love all over again!! PunchLab is legit!!




The free easy levels helped me fall in love with this app and from that I knew this is the one that would work best for me! Get this one! You will love it!

amanda row

Solid app for boxing workout


Love this app. I like boxing and do it for a workout now. Every time it’s a dripping workout. I highly recommend it. For beginners especially that’s looking for the cardio and proper technique, this is it. GITT IT!!!!


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Got a question?

Here are the FAQs we've received in the last few months.

I’ve never boxed before. Can I use PunchLab?

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Absolutely you can! Our coaches are here to help you in every single step, starting from “the jab”, all the way to the more complex combos. You will find collections and programs in the app, designed for complete beginners.

I don’t have a bag. Can I use Punchlab?

button open answer

Yes! You do not need a punching bag. You have all the tools for a great boxing workout: your body and your hands :) You can do shadowboxing anywhere, any time. All our workouts can be done with or without the bag.

How does PunchLab track punches?

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PunchLab uses the sensors already present in your smartphone. You don’t need any external hardware or Bluetooth sensors. All you need is the strap to secure your phone onto the bag. That’s it. Our algorithm does the rest.

Where can I buy the PunchLab strap?

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You can shop it directly from the app. The shipment is free worldwide, and it takes 4-5 working days to arrive in the US and Europe. In the rest of the world, it may take up to 10 working days.

Is the strap compatible with my bag?

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The PunchLab Strap is compatible with all standing bags and hanging bags. It is not compatible with drop-shade bags and B.O.B.

How can I get a refund?

button open answer

Send us an email and we will issue you a refund. No questions: if you are not happy with the product we give your money back. Guaranteed.

Do you have other questions? Drop us a line, we’ll get back to you in a flash!


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